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Yoga Classes

YOGA CLASSES ($12-15/class or included in TIER 1-3)

Want to recover from intense training and life in general? Our restorative Yoga classes are designed to help renew your mind and body and promote healing, recovery, flexibility, and relaxation. Each one hour session will include mental relaxation, balance, flexibility, and meditation. Yoga is included in all 3 tiers of monthly membership programs. Session packages are also available. Contact us to sign-up for a FREE trial.

Yoga Classes

Human bodies are designed for physical work but with the modernization and development of machines we pile our physical work on these machines and end up with unhealthy mind and bodies. In today’s busy lifestyle physical health as well as spiritual health is very important for peace of mind and somewhat stress free life. One of the most widespread diseases of unhealthy lifestyle is obesity. It is a major health issue as obesity rate in United States is the highest in the world. Two out of every three Americans are considered to be obese or overweight. Shocking right.

The best way to stay healthy is exercise but with the fast paced, overwhelming busy lifestyle a holistic approach towards health is better than only physical exercise. Yoga provides solution to this dilemma. It involves your body and brain and works on building physical as well as mental strength. Yoga can be best described as series of body postures and breathing exercises that are designed to work on entire body increasing strength and flexibility.

Studies have showed that yoga helps in many diseases such as asthma, arthritis, back pain, blood pressure, depression, diabetes, heart diseases and more.  It improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system.

At Tryumph we have facilitated restorative Yoga classes which are specifically designed to help renew your mind and body and promote healing, flexibility and relaxation. Our sessions focus on physical as well as mental relaxation. We are a result driven fitness facility and the passion, experience and education behind our fitness team translates into effective results. Our team has worked with athletes, television personalities and pageant winners also. With our broad range of expertise and individual specialty areas you would be hard pressed to find a better fitness team any place else.

Tryumph’s yoga classes focuses on your overall health so we have a dedicated team creating the best mix of different yoga movements and postures to provide an incredible journey towards health. You only have to show up for classes and we will help you achieve your goals.

So just book a free consultation, grab a mat and try our restorative yoga class.

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BreisjaMacera, BS, CPT, CF-1

Breisja joined the TrYumph Team in the summer of 2015. She brings her passion for success and elite-level athletic background to the best personal training and coaching staff in Pinellas County. As an elite high school athlete, Breisja participated in wrestling, weightlifting, and diving. She continued her wrestling career as a scholarship athlete in college. During her prolific wrestling career, Breisja was a three-time state champion, three-time All-American, and a National Champion.

Breisja earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Fitness and Sports Management in 2011. After she graduated, she worked in many different areas of fitness including personal trainer/ fitness director for Golds, L.A. Fitness, and Anytime Fitness. Breisja has experience with ages from 5-85. She has instructed and coached yoga, adult and children’s gymnastic, circus arts, youth wrestling, boot camp classes, and CrossFit. She earned her L1 certificate to coach Crossfit in 2013 and had the privilege to work with many athletes with their exercise programming. Breisja is our head Yoga instructor and has helped our clients release stress and recover from stress with her restorative Yoga class.

“I love helping people find their way through their fitness journey. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy and happy. I strongly believe you create your own destiny. You only have one life to live, so live it with passion!” – Coach Breisja


  • Bachelor of Science – Fitness and Sports Management



  • Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – CrossFit, Inc.
  • Certified CPR/AED – American Red Cross
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Mike was an elite high school athlete and hockey prodigy growing up in Michigan. He made his passion for fitness into a career and now has over 13 years of personal training and athletic coaching experience under his belt. Mike has coached high school, college, and professional athletes in hockey, track, MMA, and figure skating. During his personal training career, he has helped countless people shed unwanted pounds, gain youthful energy, and get into unbelievable shape.

Mike is the TrYumph “TRX guru” and is a certified TRX instructor. He applies his extensive personal experience with the suspension training system to program the TRX & Core classes we offer. Mike’s energy and passion are contagious and he loves helping people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.


  • Certified Personal Trainer – National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Certified Personal Trainer – National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT)
  • Certified TRX Suspension Training Coach – Fitness Anywhere, LLC
  • Certified CPR/AED – American Red Cross
In 2011, “Ricky L.” was in a league with a husband and wife, who were each managing their own teams. On Sunday of Week 11, the husband’s star running back, Fred Jackson, breaks a bone and is out for the season. Two days later, on Tuesday of that week . heartbreak. The wife suddenly and tragically passes away. Horrible, right? Just devastating. As Ricky recalls, “It was a very sad, awkward, and weird situation. We all felt bad for the husband.”Determine the metric and scale type. Begin by isolating the area you wish to evaluate. Determine the components of the service or product and prepare a survey tool for data collection. Develop a rating system that allows customers to respond to their satisfaction with the performance as “very satisfied”, “satisfied,” “neutral,” cheap nfl jerseys “dissatisfied” and “very dissatisfied.”The ratio was just 44% for the Premier League’s first season in 1991 1992.So with revenue going into players’ pockets almost as soon as it arrives at the banks of English top flight teams, aggregate operating profit fell by 2 million to 82 million ($137 million) an operating margin of just 3% of revenue.However, 13 Premier League clubs made an operating profit in 2012 13 compared with just 10 in the previous year.”The pattern in spending on wages following previous increases in broadcast deals, suggests it’s likely around 60% or more of the revenue increase in 2013 14 will flow through to wages,” added Bull.”On that basis, we would expect Premier League total wage costs to reach a cheap oakleys new record level of around 2.2 billion ($3.68 billion).”However, given oakleys outlet the forecast increase in revenue, this would also return the wages to revenue ratio below 70% for the first time since 2009 10.”While the total European football market grew to a record $28.65 billion in 2012 13, the Premier League led the way once again.According to Deloitte, a 21% growth in commercial income enabled Premier League club fake ray bans revenue to top $4.19 billion for the first time.The success of the Premier League means its rivals have been left behind with Germany ($2.85 billion), Spain ($2.68 billion), Italy ($2.34 billion) and France ($1.84 billion) trailing in its wake.”Once again the global appeal of the Premier League has continued to drive commercial revenue growth, particularly at the highest ranked Premier League clubs,” said Deloitte’s Dan Jones.”Matchday revenue also increased by 6% with fewer unsold seats at Premier wholesale china jerseys League games than ever before.”And that lucrative television deal will only serve to swell the coffers of EPL clubs next season.”We estimate that Premier League clubs’ revenue will have increased by almost 30% to 3.2 billion ($5.4 billion) in 2013 14,” Jones added.”This growth will be driven by the revenue from the first season of the Premier League’s new broadcast deals and further commercial revenue growth at the biggest clubs.”In total, Premier League revenue grew by $276 million, some 7%, with Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool responsible for 60% of the growth.”Four of the big five leagues have maintained or reduced revenue to wages ratio Wholesale Jerseys and have shown a greater sense of cost control,” said Bull.”In Spain, the ratio is the lowest it has been since 2000 and is indicative custom jerseys of what we’re beginning to see in Europe.”It’s different in the Premier League because of the upcoming television deal and so clubs are spending more as they know the money is coming in.”In 2012 13, the cumulative revenue of the “big five” European Leagues grew 5% to $13.3 million, representing half of the overall size of the European football market of $27.1 billion (up 2%).

Sports Performance & Youth Sports Academy


Want to improve your performance and reduce the likelihood of injury in any sport or obstacle course race? Work with one of our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) and bring your game to the next level by developing and improving strength, power, quickness, agility, athletic conditioning, flexibility, and lactate threshold. SPORTS PERFORMANCE / YOUTH SPORTS ACADEMYWe also coach our clients on sports nutrition so they better maximize the results of their training and improve recovery. We help youth athletes in any sport improve by programming effective training and sports nutrition during their off season. Currently we offer these services one-on-one and in scheduled group sessions. Contact us for pricing and current schedule.

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Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, CISSN

With over 12 years of experience and education, Brian has learned that in order for you to achieve your max performance, a multitude of training regimes must be implemented to stimulate all systems of the body. Far too often, ‘coaches’ and ‘trainers’ rely on opinions and other information that has no scientific support. Coach Brian relies on the facts; proven scientific research from credible sources. As a competitive triathlete and fitness advocate, Coach Brian knows how crucial it is to sort through fact and fiction when it comes to ‘functional training’.

“Every trainer has their own way of training which makes the selection process of a trainer difficult for everyone. As the great movement specialist Gray Cook has said “You can’t put fitness on dysfunction” and that’s exactly what I am passionate about making fitness FUNCTIONAL. There are many ways to do it(exercise) but only one way to do it right.” -Coach Brian.

Brian’s training and experience caters to everyone: professional/recreational, adult/youth, athletic/nonathletic. Training with Coach Brian is not just a workout, it’s an experience. His philosophy is simple, PURPOSE OVER PREFERENCE. He is not about those big box cookie cutter programs and he doesn’t prescribe a random workout that has no purpose. He is specific. He has a purpose and so do you. Your goal might be to get better at a sport, run your first marathon, or just get in better shape. Coach Brian will assess you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. And from then the experience begins. Prepare for a changed life. Brain is married to his wife Michelle and has one son Eli and they are expecting their second child this spring.


  • Master of Science – Exercise Science
  • Bachelor of Science – Exercise Science


  • Certified USAT Level 1 Coach – USA Triathlon
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) – International Society of Sports Nutrition
  • Certified FMS Level 1 -Functional Movement Systems
  • Certified CPR/AED – American Red Cross
girlfriend charged in 1994 killingHowever, there was a documented instance of a male chimp adopting a orphaned baby chimp, when the females in the group had shunned the baby. The male chimp was the dominant chimp of the group, and he taught the baby the survival skills NFL Jerseys Cheap necessary to survive. Before this, researchers would have never though that possible. Is 88? Norman said of field judge Brad Freeman during a postgame news conference. sucked. I just going to be honest with you. I going to be straightforward. He was terrible. I feel like he should be reprimanded. drew five penalty flags, including four for for illegal hands to the face, during the game. His news conference was cut short by Redskins public relations staffers after just three questions.The basic idea is to bet more money when the player has an advantage and less money when they are at a disadvantage. There are many card counting systems, but it is first necessary to learn the basics of the plus/minus point count system. This system is relatively easy and with fake oakleys a minimal amount of practice you will be ready to play for real. Sony’s online TV service carries all five networks that show NFL games, but only in a handful of markets. Elsewhere, you’ll be lucky to find wholesale nfl jerseys even a few of the broadcast networks on Vue. The service costs $35 or $45 cheap football jerseys a month with the NFL Network, or $30 or $40 without. The higher price applies to oakley outlet seven markets where Vue offers the best selection of broadcast networks.Which is not difficult oakley sunglasses outlet to calculate. Note that the expectations and the variance matrices are calculated with respect to the missing value X using the posterior probabilities of QTL genotypes discount football jerseys (conditional on both marker and phenotype information and the estimated parameter value). Therefore, the information matrix for the EM estimated QTL parameters isMichael kors outlet online sale Mountains mcm backpack outlet to nfl packers restore coach factory outlet online calm, nfl steelers as converse shoes if giuseppe shoes nothing true religion jeans women had nfl patriots happened bottega to hogan her replica watches silence, oakley black friday occasionally nfl bengals pheasant chirping, michael kors handbags people giuseppe zanotti feel there Aura. “When I go home, my friends always come around. I have my room there, my things. We just do normal stuff. Maybe one day it’ll change but at the moment I don’t feel the need to go out and buy a boat or a private plane. For what do I need a boat? It would be boring. And why would I want a plane when there are 20 planes going tonight from Heathrow to Spain.”

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Hartstein said, “If you look what the girls are looking at and the media puts out to them, thin is the way to be, you are supposed to show your skin and be in skimpy outfits. It’s discounting how good girls can feel in their own skin if they are wearing appropriate clothes. These girls may feel more comfortable and cheap oakleys sunglasses even cheer better, be better on the field they can feel comfortable in their uniforms.”Beta, cheap oakleys sunglasses or “Betacam” as it is properly known, is a component analog video format that was introduced by Sony in 1982. However, due to its robustness and reliability as a broadcast specification recording and playback system, it was in early 2011 approaching obsolescence and should not be considered a long term archive medium. Digitize analog tape assets as soon as possible in anticipation of any deterioration in the physical recording media. This requires tape playback using a dedicated Betacam VCR followed by analog to digital conversion of video and audio signals. This can then be captured into a computer in a standard video file format.The United States Tennis Association awards a variety of grants to nonprofit sports clubs, teams, leagues, schools and local nonprofits to enhance the availability of tennis cheap nfl jerseys to citizens of the United States. Program and Project Support grants are awarded in amounts up to $10,000. The USTA Jr. Team Tennis Stipends programs awards up to $1000 to area coordinators to an established league or start a new one. Deadlines vary by program.Picture yourself rising effortlessly from the floor with a beatific smile etched on your peace filled wholesale jerseys china face. That the perception people have of meditation: that it will transform you from a stressed out ball of nerves into a vision of grace and calm. But the reality often is quite different. While the benefits of cheap jerseys mediation are being recorded in scientific journals, what not discussed as often are the negative meditation side effects. It can be a frustrating, sometimes agonizing process that will Cheap Jerseys bring you into cheap nfl jerseys contact with your limitations and inner conflicts. Without any prior education on the kinds of meditation tools that are available to make the experience more satisfying, people can make the most rudimentary mistakes in sitting that will cause a negative side effect. If your inner thighs are not flexible, sitting in a cross legged pose on a hard floor will cause you to focus on the source of your distress rather than finding a perfect union with your breath. Prop yourself up with pillows under your legs and buttocks and let your hands rest in any position that is comfortable. An agitated body will lead to a stressful experience that you won be eager to repeat.


There was no difference in reduction of AHI 1 expression in AHI sh4 1 cells in the present or absent of TNF (data not shown). These results were reproduced when the same experiments were conducted using other AHI sh4 transduced cells, including AHI sh4 bulk and AHI sh4 3 (data not shown). Wednesday morning’s New York Times still influential here ran an editorial under the headline: ‘A Team is Born but not all Cheer’ and questions are being asked in some quarters of this city about the effect the Barclays Premier League club’s plans may have on the community in the area earmarked for its new home.Mr. GRISHAM: Oh, in July the 14th of this year, I watched the Italian Super Bowl my first ever Super Bowl in a town of Reggio Emilia, which is about an hour from Parma. And the Parma Panthers played the Bergamo Lions just like in the novel I’d finished the book by then. And I was hoping Parma would make it to the Super Bowl. They did and they lost in double overtime.”He’s the best coach. I love him,” Slay said. “He’s all about players. He takes care of us well great coach. He’s got the best powerful words I’ve been hearing. He teaches more manly stuff than football stuff, even though his job is football, but he cheap oakley sunglasses cheap oakleys outlet brings into the football world the manly part.”For decades now, the idea of killer female snipers has haunted the minds of Russian soldiers. Commonly referred to as the Beliye Kolgotky (“White Tights”), these mysterious femme fatales clad in pure white outfits have popped ray ban sunglasses up in several Russian conflicts. The basic story is always the same: scorned women who have turned their hate for Russian men into a profitable business. Sometimes, wholesale football jerseys they’re former athletes turned mercenaries. Other times, they were rumored to decapitate their victims, bagging the heads in order to collect their bounties. During the Chechen War, it was even reported that the rebels were paying the White Tights $2000 per fake oakleys officer killed, with a very specific request: to eliminate the Russians by blowing their genitals off. We, uh, take back the porno joke.Day 1, 3, and 5: 3 4 sets with 10 12 repetitions of bicep curls, preacher curls, triceps presses, lying barbell extensions, wrist curls for arms. Shoulder press, side lateral presses for shoulders. Bench press and incline bench press for chest and back exercises such as hyper extensions and 1 arm dumbbell row. The workout starts with exercises such as hack squats, sit ups, lunges, leg stretches, and calf raises. This should be the routine in the first half of the workout. The second half must include exercises such as arm muscle building, chest, shoulder, and back exercises, and finally abdominal cheap jerseys exercises. You can even perform this workout three times a day, with rest on the alternate days. 4 5 sets and 10 12 repetitions of each of these exercises are sufficient to Wholesale NFL Jerseys serve the main purpose of building strength and flexibility.

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TrYumph Fitness is located in the Bardmoor Promenade Shopping Plaza next to GNC™ Nutrition Store at the corner of Starkey Road and Bryan Dairy Road.

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TrYumph Functional Fitness
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