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Lost Over 13 Pounds and 4 Inches from My Waist

"Working with Matt has helped me refocus on my health and life balance. I have greatly improved my cardiovascular health and reduced my blood pressure to a healthy level. I learned that with focus, dedication, and support, amazing results are achievable.

I have a hectic schedule and have to travel frequently. Making time for exercise to maintain life balance is essential to your health. The successes you gain in energy, mood, and physical fitness are so worth the small sacrifices you have to make when you make fitness a priority.

Matt is nothing short of amazing. He is energetic, charismatic, encouraging, and results-oriented. I would absolutely recommend working with him one-on-one or participating in his 6 week Trans4mation program!

This is a chance to change the present and the rest of your life! I am amazed at the fun I have had and how the results have been so much more than just physical.


Jarrett Potts

Blood Pressure Went Down Over 20 Points

"Matt has been a great inspiration for me and has helped me both mentally and physically. He taught me to eat right, exercise right, and sleep right."

Before I started exercising with Matt’s supervision and guidance, I had high blood pressure and my doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medications. I asked her to let me try to give exercise a chance and Matt devised an exercise and nutrition program that worked. I was able to lower my body fat by 4.3% and besides fitting better into my clothes, my health improved dramatically. My blood pressure improved from an average of 170 over 105 to a 137 over 76 average and I didn’t have to go on any medication!

By losing the extra weight I was carrying around I found a youthful stamina and vigor that helps get me through my stressful days. People often tell me I have the energy of someone half my age.

Everything has improved in my life! In fact, I was just hired as a VP of Construction for a national hotel chain and I attribute this success to my newly found self-confidence, health, and mental toughness. In a lot of ways I owe Matt a sincere debt of gratitude. If you want to find your own health and success, work with Matt.


Dennis Jones

Lost 36 Pounds in just 41 Days!

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I would say my before and after pictures tell a whole story. I can’t believe how much you can change your body, and your whole life, in just six short weeks.

As a former athlete and retired police PE instructor, I didn’t think I would benefit from a trainer. But after being stuck overweight for years trying to do it on my own, I decided I needed a push and boy did I get it. After my first three sessions with Matt, I was so convinced by his expertise, motivational shills, and professionalism, I hired him to train my wife as well.

“I feel so much better physically and mentally. My strength, stamina, weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol have all improved! I thought I was in decent shape, but after Matt showed me what intensity really is, I learned my true potential. My recovery heart rate dropped from 101 to 83 and I have so much more energy and vitality. I lost over 36 pounds in just 41 days and lowered my body fat by 10%, lost 5 inches off my waist and my total cholesterol dropped from 208 to 154. Anything is possible!

Because Matt helped me find my youth again, I even decided to start competing in mountain bike adventure races. It feels great to be able to do the things I thought were lost to my age and condition.

I’m writing a new chapter in my life now and I have Matt to thank. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to positively change not only their body, but their life too.


Greg Crays

Increased Energy

"I have more energy and looking good has motivated me to continue with my fitness and wellness. Increased energy and dedication to my fitness and wellness program. That I am motivated by accountability which is why I really appreciate having matt with me. I appreciate learning about nutrition. I know what percentage of complex carbs, veggies, and protein is necessary to keep my body feeling good. I found him to be very knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, and helps me stay focused on my goals. Yes, it is easy because your diet is planned out for you which helps with grocery shopping and you are surrounded by positive people that are wanting you to accomplish your goals."

Amy Utz

Get Your Max During Workouts

"I feel I have more confidence in myself and I know what I am capable of achieving. I believe in myself and my ability to achieve the goal I set out to accomplish. I am very proud of myself. I learned that I can push myself to do intense workouts and control what eating habits I have learned. I know that I will continue to do the stepper and control my eating. Seeing results makes it rewarding. He has the ability to know how far to push to get your max during workouts. I want to thank him for not giving up on me and for all the hard work he has put into this program. I have definitely told all of my friends and even let them try the stepper. Seeing my results have made them believers. This is not something I would have ever done on my own. Thank you for the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone."

Angie Smith

Strength and Stamina Increased

"I have never enjoyed exercise and working out so much. I have a new passion for working out that transcends my old habits. I have developed muscles that I have never seen before. My strength and stamina have increased greatly and my nutrition preferences have become much healthier. That I can push myself beyond where I thought that I could go. And that I can follow through with a goal and achieve success. Everything! I will apply these principles to my life for many years to come. I now know the “how” and why and that makes the “do” a lot easier. Working with matt has been a great experience. His expertise and ability to teach have transformed my attitude towards working out and nutrition. I would encourage everyone and anyone to be part of this 6-week challenge; I would tell them that it is invaluable experience and worth the investment of time and money. Thank you Matt."

Bradice Lardner

Lost Weight. Gained Self-Esteem

"I feel much for confident and motivated to continue exercising. I have lost weight, inches and body fat. I have learned that I can do anything I put my mind to. I will continue to eat small frequent meals and weights twice a week with cardio. Matt has motivated me so much and made me realize I can do anything if I believe in myself. He was always available to answer questions or just give me. Yes if you stick with the program you with lose weight and inches and gain self-esteem. Thanks for being you! Love you Matt!"

Corinne Reysnoso

Lost Over 23 Pounds in Only Six Weeks

"Definitely! I lost over 23 pounds in only six weeks and I feel great! I found that with Matt’s help I can get a total, hard core workout in only an hour. I promised Matt that I’d lose more weight than all the others in the program. With his help I did it because I stuck with it. I can still eat great tasting food and healthy snacks throughout the day and not be hungry. Matt kicks Ass! He is understanding, patient, and pushes you to perform beyond your own expectations. Top notch trainer! Do it now. Who thought I could lose over 23 pounds with 22.6 of that being body fat in such a short time? Working out with Matt is like working out with a friend. He wasn’t criticizing or arrogant as some trainers seem and he’s walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to fitness and nutrition. A true gentleman!"


I Can Do It!

"It helped me develop a new attitude towards weight loss and exercise. Weight loss, loss of body fat are benefits – overall my body has improved as well as my outlook on life. I can do it! Everything! Awesome, Matt inspired me to reach my goal and did everything he could to keep me going and positive about reaching my goal. I would highly recommend this program to others (in fact, already have). It’s very easy, it’s fun, it makes a difference. It was an awesome experience."

Donna Davenport

Matt Is Very Generous With His Knowledge

"The confidence I’ve gained from knowing I can do ANYTHING has been amazing. The benefit of increased energy, improved stamina, not to mention how much better I look in my clothes. I’ve learned that I do have the willpower and I am capable of changing previous bad habits. I’ve learned that it is very easy to eat healthy, a variety of foods and not be hungry or get bored with what I eat. I will apply the knowledge that Matt has given me in my future exercise and eating habits. Matt has been a delight to work with! I love that we laugh and actually have fun while working out. He presses me and encourages you to do things you never thought you could. He is very generous with his knowledge and you can tell he truly loves helping people. I would highly recommend the 6 week challenge and I would tell people that the benefits far exceed mere weight loss. Thank you Matt for inviting me to participate in this program. It has been a fabulous experience for me!"

Elise Davis

Matt Is a Great Motivator

"It shows me I can have control over my physical and health station in life. I can train to do physically what I want to accomplish. My disciplines regarding training and supplementation. I can do things that I previously thought were impossible for me. I didn’t ever see myself running or having balance but I know I can with training do this. Using cause and effect thinking, I eat good things that can help me accomplish my goals. Matt did a good job to work my training around my hectic work schedule running a local restaurant chain. He is a great motivator and gave me the science behind my workout program which helped me buy into the program. I regularly recommend Matt and his 6 week program."

Matt Loder

Energy and Strength are Up. Body Fat Is Down

"I have gained an incredible amount of motivation to continue making great changes. My outlook on exercise has changed – I don’t feel discouraged anymore. My energy is up. My strength is up. My body fat is down – which is great. Inches off (which has been so difficult for me in the past). I’ve learned to have a healthier relationship with food and exercise. My life has changed because of this experience! I will stick with eating small frequent meals. I will also continue to cycle carbohydrates to keep my weight in check. I am also excited to continue doing cardio frequently. Matt was the force behind my success. He helped me push myself beyond what I thought I could. Thank you! I would recommend Matt’s program to everyone. It’s a life changing experience! I want to do it again. I feel more inspired than ever! I want to continue to challenge myself because I feel so amazing."

Mia Corrales

Matt's Able To Push Me to Achieve Results

"I have been able to reach my target weight and fitness level on this plan. My overall fitness has improved, as well as having the capability of working out on my busy, and erratic, schedule. I have learned that improving my fitness level is not an impossible goal, with the help of the challenge I was able to break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. I am able to make better eating choices when traveling (frequently for work) … for work and for fun. Working with Matt has been great. He is able to push me to achieve results I couldn’t on my own while keeping workouts fun and interesting. Yes, I would recommend the challenge to others looking to see great gains in their fitness level and lose pounds and inches off their body."

Tom Daly

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