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Senior Fitness / Silver Sneakers Flex

Senior Fitness / Silver Sneakers Flex

SENIORFITCLASSES ($12-15/class or included in TIER 1-3)

Want to slow down the aging process and recover the vigor, strength, and mobility of your youth? Work with one of our expert personal trainers one-on-one or join our SeniorFitclasses. These classes are designed to help the baby boomers generation build muscle, regain strength, and improve mobility, flexibility, and joint range of motion. Classes are offered in packages of 5, 10, or 20 sessions or it can be included in all 3 tiers of our monthly membership programs. We are also a Silver Sneaker FLEX approved facility. If you currently have Silver Sneakers, you can participate in our SeniorFit Classes at no charge to you.Contact us to sign-up for a FREE trial.

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