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If you are looking for the absolute best personal training available and body transformation expertise, look no further than TrYumph Functional Fitness. When it comes to getting results, you often get what you pay for. Without proper guidance, you will most likely be just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. At TrYumph we use an integrated approach, state of the art equipment, and the latest technology to help our clients obtain functional fitness, optimal weight, and improved health.

Why choose TrYumph?

Our staff of certified personal trainers and coaches will discuss your goals and lifestyle to make realistic modifications that will work for you. Our programs are results-driven and most importantly, when you join us as a client, you become part of our TrYumph Family.

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Any fitness goal, any challenge. We guarantee results. TRYumph!

  • I lost 13 pounds in 6 weeks! Matt is nothing short of amazing. He is energetic, charismatic, encouraging, and results-oriented. I would absolutely recommend working with him one-on-one or participating in his Body Trans4mation program!

    - Jarrett P.
  • My outlook on exercise has changed – I don’t feel discouraged anymore. My energy is up. My strength is up. My body fat is down – which is great! I’ve learned to have a healthier relationship with food and exercise. My life has changed and Matt was the force behind my success. He helped me push myself beyond what I thought I could. Thank you! I would recommend TrYumph to everyone. It’s a life changing experience!

    - Mia C.
  • My blood pressure went down 30 points! Before I started exercising with Matt’s supervision and guidance, I had high blood pressure and my doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medications. I was able to lose weight and body fat and my health improved dramatically. My blood pressure improved from an average of 170 over 105 to 137 over 76 and I didn’t have to go on any medication!

    - Dennis J.
  • Matt has been a delight to work with! I love that we laugh and actually have fun while working out. He motivates and encourages me to do things I never thought I could. He is very generous with his knowledge and you can tell he truly loves helping people.

    - Elise D.
  • I lost 36 pounds in 41 days! As a former athlete and retired police PE instructor, I didn’t think I would benefit from a trainer. But after being stuck overweight for years trying to do it on my own, I decided I needed a push and boy did I get it. After my first three sessions with Matt, I was so convinced by his expertise, motivational shills, and professionalism, I hired him to train my wife as well. My strength, stamina, weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol have all improved!

    - Greg C
  • I feel much more confident and motivated to continue exercising. I have lost weight, inches and body fat. I have learned that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Thanks Matt and Team TrYumph!

    - Corinne R.
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